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"C. Lennox has done interior design and cover design for my small press Zombies Need Brains LLC and every single anthology has been formatted and designed with care and at a high quality.  The interiors included graphics, multiple chapters, and multiple fonts, all handled deftly.  The covers took already stellar art and added titles, editors, cover copy, etc., in such a way that elements within the art popped, making the books impossible to ignore when displayed.  Both interiors and covers were professionally done and all requested types of files (and for printing, such files can be painstakingly specific) were delivered when needed.  I'd certainly recommend C. Lennox Graphics for those looking to produce a high quality product."

-Joshua Palmatier, Founder, Zombies Need Brains LLC


I have been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2005. I have had training in all aspects of the print process, which has shaped my designs to not only be beautiful, but functional. I design with the end product in mind. Primarily working with print graphics, I have lots of confidence and experience working with my clients’ preferred printers, allowing me to provide them with a finalized file that is ready to be printed.

I would be MORE than happy to have a conversation with you about your graphic design needs! Please fill out the contact form, and let’s start a conversation of how I can help you achieve your vision.

Fees vary by the service utilized, and scope of the project. Please contact me if you are interested.